Andorra Photo of the Week – St. Stephen’s Church in Andorra La Vella

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Andorra’ s photos: Pic de la Serrera

This week our picture of Andorra is one of peaks that can be done in Andorra, the Pic de la Serrera.

Pic de la Serrera

The peak of the Serrera or Pic de la Serrera is located in the parish of Ordino and isthe 5th top in Andorra passing the altitude of the 2,900 meters with an exact height of2,912 meters. It is an uncrowded peak located between the valleys of Ransol and Sorteny, near the French border, and enjoys spectacular views. To reach the summit of the Pic de la Serrera must take the road from Andorra la Vella CG2 to the town of Ransol, and then take a small road that leads to the Ransol Valley and ends in a smallparking lot next to a nice picnic area.

A nice trip to enjoy hiking in Andorra.

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